VOIP seems to be the "in" thing in the business technical world currently. In short, its using the internet to make a phone call. Simply really"

Well not quite as simple as that, we all wish. However the advantage of our system is that it is "hosted" which basically means it doesnt rely on your office Internet. With VOIP, gone are the days when your phone line wont work becauase the telegraph pole outside has been hit by a lorry (a genuine event) meaning that you are now relying on Openreach to get your lines back up and running

So what if this happens? Simply pick up the phone and plug it into your home Broadband? or have an extension on your Computer which is linked to your Phone 4g? yep all these are more than possible. Disaster recovery just got a but easier

Whats more, it reduces your costs - we have examples of customers telephone bills halved!

TVoip mean you arent relying on those phone lines coming to your office

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