Virus Removal


One of the worst parts of the extensive use of the internet nowadays is the prolifration of viruses. These now come in a varierty of types, whether it be a Trojan virus, a Malware Virus and Ransomeware being the most extensive nowadays. There are a number of professionals who claim they can remove whatever virus you may have, We dont pretend to claim this. Ransomwhere particularly is very difficult to remove. Our customers have extensive backup strategies in place, as to put it simply the most effective way to remove a virus, it to restore from a backup

However, we take many precations to ensure our customers are not only educated in how to spot a potential virus but our Email fitering service reduces this potential further. We are not claiming our customers are 100% protected, no one can claim that. However we protect and educate as much aspossible

What we do offer, on the occassions we have been asked to remove a virus, is a fixed fee removal service. we do have some special techniques, which while not 100% successful, are as good as we can make them to remove the virus

If you havent heard of Ransomware, you may of heard of the 2017 attack on the NHS. This was a ransomware attack

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